Family Game Nights!


Games of knowledge, challenges of skill, and group competitions - bring the whole family down for a fantastic night out! Amped Up's family game nights include game show parodies and original creations that test your knowledge on current events, sports, music, math, science, and many more. We also have physical challenges that are both fun and entertaining for everyone. Each game night lasts for three hours and includes the following:
  • 60 Minutes of structured group game shows with titles such as:
    • Real or Not Real
    • Are You Smarter Than a Fit Gator?
    • Who Wants to be a Brilliantaire?
    • Precise is Right
    • Moment to Own It
  • Open game time featuring:
    • Large screen video games (Wii, XBox 360, joystick classics)
    • Table games (Foosball, pool, air hockey, ping-pong, pop-a-shot, etc.)
    • Music, karaoke, electric guitars, keyboard, drums
    • Small group sports (Basketball, volleyball, badminton) *Some are weather permitting

Small prizes will be awarded during game nights, and each person attending will have a chance to participate via electronic voting, microphone responses, and direct game interaction. Rules and regulations apply. Tickets are $9.95 each and can be purchased over the phone or at the theatre. Check our calendar page for upcoming family game nights.

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